Thursday, February 7, 2013

Butt connectors

Butt connectors are used to join two lengths of wire in an electrical set up.  Most common uses are related to trailer and trailer accessories like back up trailer lights, submersible trailer lights, winch and ATV accessories.

There are various types and gauge sizes of butt connectors available at . The butt connector yo will need will depend on the gauge and type of wire you will be splicing. 

The largest butt connectors are for 10-12 gauge wires and have yellow insulation. 
A butt splice with blue insulation is for wires that are 14-16 gauge. 
Red insulated butt connectors are for 18-22 gauge wires.

It may even be necessary to use a step down butt splice that goes from a large to a small gauge wire.

Happy wiring!

-Princess Auto